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  1. From my Point of View, the answer is long but simple. A Team is based of a group of individuals with different levels in Hard and Soft-Skills. In Theory, a well balanced and organised group of "Professionals" can achieve more in less time with a better result. In reality this is not really common. Why? Well imagine this: There is one challenged decision maker in front of a screaming crowd of Inventors and Engineers. What do you think, which idea will be chosen? a) The best Solution or b) The Solution from the Engineer who can scream louder than anybody else. In our society, internal politics and personal interests are the major influence when it comes to decision making and results. For example: It took 4 Days to solve a Clients Problem by myself, which his team of four engineers took 2 Month with no results. The Scale of a team is also influencing Results btw.... IF a Team is hired to produce results, this can only be some how efficient if they interact by a proven process structure like SixSigma, DesignThinking ect. or having a good Project Manager which can Strukturkrise a Big impossible Problem into many small solvable tasks (But then its technically not a Team anymore). Greetings from Berlin (Germany)
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