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  1. Hi, I am in fact a doctor. And I also have a recurring insect bite after slapping away an insect from my back 2 years ago. Every 2 months, approximately, a new sore forms at the exact spot where I was bitten and itches and pops open. This all lasts 3-5 days. I have considerable lymphadenopathy above and below the "bite". I feel otherwise fine. I have asked multiple doctors what they think about it and no one knows or seems to ascribe it much meaning. Occasionally someone suggests it is shingles, but it never spreads, is never painful, and recurs much more often than shingles should. I think there is definitely a recurrent insect bite thing, yet it is no known in "normal" western medicine. I guess it would be liver heat rising in Chinese medicine. Please keep me up to date on other people's situations with this! It does not seem to be related to more or less stress, or anything else consistently.
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