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  1. sorry, translated from french by google I am not a scientist, but I am passionate about science. I have imagined some things and I would like to submit it to people who know to tell me if I am a little crazy or if it is possible. Sorry I'm not very good at writing texts or explaining my ideas. I've seen a lot of videos that talk about dark matter, according to them for galaxies to interact as we see it, it would take dark matter to explain things that we observe. I saw that there were projects out there to try to capture dark matter particles and that it was almost elusive because it was rare, but if there were a lot we would capture them more easily ?! I thought to myself why not start from the idea that dark matter is not matter, but a kind of grid, like the grid lines on a sheet of paper. Which would act as a support to fix matter and dictate the physical laws of the universe. Dark matter and dark energy would be one, they would only be the paper of the architect's plan, with its own physical laws. It would give the mass and energy properties to the particles. As if such and such a particle were a red pencil and another a blue pencil with each their characteristics Perhaps this medium is intangible or energetic, it is a component of the universe that we do not yet know or that is not measurable. It would be the thing that makes us speak of force of gravity, gravity would not really exist as an independent force but as a result of the laws of this support. For example a black hole would be a kind of tearing of this support, creating a hole towards the non-universe where everything that falls in it dematerializes due to this non-grid of support. What do you think, dear reader? Armand.S
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