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  1. As Quantum physics is new, strange, unique and challenging field of Modern physics. Things would be different if the preset knowledge was avoided in the field and a fresh start with a wide horizon was applied. As per the Schrödinger’s cat experiment which he argued, that the cat was alive or dead both at the same time until we open the box and see it for ourself. Just zooming out this experiment a bit. Let's say person 'A' put the Cat in the box and person 'B' arrives late and saw the box only. Person 'A' told him that there is a cat inside this box and you need to tell whether the cat is alive or dead. This would be a mystery for person 'B' point of view. But the one putting the cat inside the box (i.e., Person A) always knew whether the Cat is Alive or Dead. Now, consider scientists at that time be Person 'B' while 'Nature' being person 'A'. It is the lack of knowledge about the box of person 'B' that raises the uncertainity in the box. But would there be any uncertainity if somehow Person 'B' got the idea from person 'A' whether by seeing Spying or studying Person 'A'? Also what disturbs me is that if Person B don't know what's inside the box and Person 'A' giving no hint at all then who tolf about the 'Cat' at first place? Why we limited the mind to the Cat only? Why can't there be a alive or dead mice? Whether or not we know something, this is our Knowledge or Limitation of knowledge. Nature exists the way it is. If we don't know something then only we have to open the box to check but as soon as we know that the Cat is alive, as soon as we gain this knowledge then we know for sure the next time that there is an alive cat in that box. P.S.: I am a Civil Engineer but physics drags me whenever i read it. So kindly correct me if i texted wrong. As i am not a physics man, just an observer. Thanks for reading, Kshitij Gaur.
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