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  1. Hi, I'm quite new at this and now I have some data to represent but I'm not sure of which is the best way. Could you please help me? I have 12 lineages with different quantity of sequences analysed in each one. I also have a list of genes (200) to check if these genes have deletions on these sequences. These genes are subdivided in groups of gene function. So my results are separated by lineage. Example: For lineage 1, the gene 1 (virulence gene) is deleted in 60% of sequences, the gene 2 (virulence gene) is deleted in 0% of the sequences, the gene 3 (cell wall gene) is deleted in 50% of the sequences, the gene 4 (cell wall gene) is deleted in 25% of the sequences............... and so on until 200 genes. Then I would like to answer: - Which lineage is more afected by deletions? - Are some gene functions more afected by deletions? But I'm nor sure if the size of the genes could affect. I mean, some genes could be bigger and could accumulate more deletions only by chance. How would you represent this in order to get conclusions? Thank you very much.
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