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  1. All these ideas are highly speculative and are merely for the curious mind. What I am proposing is very little different from our current model of Spacetime. I am merely placing time as the foundational dimension of our spacial 3 dimensions. I believe Time is the bedrock of our three dimensions carried by the electromagnetic force. My contention is if you remove all electromagnetic influences from a system you also remove one of the spacial dimensions, nl Time itself. This has the effect that the 3d dimensional structure drops one layer whereby the linear motion assumes the property of a wave/frequency as in the double slit experiment. The particle (electron) disappears out of our 3 dimensional spacetime. It no longer operates in our time frame. These philosophical explorations with the knowledge I have of relativity theory and the double slit experiment and the wave function. I believe Time plays a fundamental role in our reality and it is my belief that Time is an electromagnetic force.
  2. I would prefer calling it the zero dimension, because it is a dimensionless field, a singularity. I believe Time/electromagnetism is a singularity that is the foundation of the other dimensions, Line, square,cube. By removing all electromagnetic influences you have in effect eradicated the foundation dimension Time. The linear dimension then assumes that role and starts to exhibit wavelike properties as demonstrated in the double slit experiment.
  3. You do accept we live in a 4 dimensional universe? My hypothesis is that Time/frequency/light/Photons exist in the first or zero dimension. This forms the basis for all other dimensions that are piled on top. To start with the first dimension (line), 2nd (square) and third (Cube). The quantum wave/particle duality is an experiment is done by blocking out all forms of electromagnetic interference. This has as a result that the 3 higher dimensions drop down one dimension in effect disappearing from our 4 dimensions and becoming a 3 dimensional entity. It's linear motion assumes the property of a wave function.
  4. We live in four dimensions. Time/light is the first dimension. The basic foundation of all reality is time/wave/frequency. These properties all exist in the first dimension. Photon's only come into existence (for us in the fourth dimension) when they interact with our dimension. They are the ultimate time travellers. In the absense of light (time) linear velocity shifts down to a lower dimension and starts to take on the qualities of a wave/frequency. All higher dimensions drop one level and assume the properties of the lower dimension. A particle drops out of the fourth dimensions and becomes a three dimensional being. It's linear velocity starts to take on the qualities of the first dimension (wave/frequency). This is an explantation of the dual nature of particle. By removing light the particle loses it's foundation. It is forced into a lower dimension, dropping out of the fourth dimension and it's linear velocity becomes a wave/frequency. It assumes the properties of Time itself, thereby becoming timeless. All manner of phenomenon can be understood if you consider that by removing light you are removing the foundation of time from the four dimensional reality. Everthing that exists within two dimensions and higher will drop one dimension. Whatever moved as a circular velocity becomes a linear velocity and everything that was a linear velocity becomes a wave/frequency displaying an interference pattern. All matter retains its superposition properties (i.e. undefined) until light is re-introduced and all dimensions are raised to a higher level again. They emerge into the fourth dimension.
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