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  1. my ear is not bad but the other objects I don't know
  2. what is the explanation for the sound waves produced by the hammer not to damage anything through air and sound displacement?
  3. In my case what will happen? hammer will generate sound waves in all directions of the room damaging everything and dvd?
  4. Explain me better to clarify this doubt, the hammer strikes generate sounds and noises does this generate air displacement and sound waves that hit objects?
  5. I was inside a closed room and I used a hammer in wood and metal, the noise and sound and sound waves generated by the hammer beating may have damaged and cracked objects and DVD discs that are inside the same room?
  6. is this a question of chemistry or physics? the bags are all inside the box but they are crumpled folded and between the bags is the dvd case, if these bags hold any moisture that gets deposited in them through the air then this can be dangerous because the moisture sweat from the bags will pass to the dvds and the cardboard box what is her behavior? does it suck moisture and make you sweat?
  7. What material is the plastic market bag made of? does this material retain (hold) moisture in the bag and everything in the bag or around the bag becomes damp? i put some bags inside a cardboard box and inside the cardboard box i also put dvd cases and i am worried if the bags will hold moisture inside the cardboard box and pass moisture to the discs?
  8. Plastics suffer degradation and dryness if there is a vapor chemical product such as Sodium hypochlorite, muriatic acid, disinfectant and 54% alcohol?
  9. salt in plastic of Tazo dry out plastic?
  10. this device uses a rotary hermetic compressor and a motor fan and the electronic board, if I turn this device off at night and it has water in the tank this water during the night will start to evaporate and humidify the air next to the device, starting the oxidation of its internal components ?
  11. I have an air dehumidifier and it has a water tank, if I turn off the dehumidifier at night and keep the water in the tank, will that water evaporate and oxidize the electronic part of the dehumidifier?
  12. Will the salt deposited on the surface of a piece of plastic cause dryness and cracks in the plastic? salt corrodes metals but does it dry out plastics?
  13. I was referring to the color of the inner part of the box because all the cardboard boxes I own have the same internal color but it varies in the external colors so the UV reflects, is it abbreviated by the box? what happens?
  14. lights enter in home no dirrect sunlight, enter and contact this cardboard box trflect in cardboar and go inside box or not?
  15. The inside of the box because the outside has boxes of different colors
  16. Does cardboard reflect or absorb UV present in indirect sunlight?
  17. adhesive glue this photos contains acid corrosive for electronics boards?
  18. I could ask them but I don't know the name of this type of bag with glue and tag for me to research
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