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  1. It's not even certain that a sperm could locomote to the egg without gravity which is the first hurdle of billions
  2. Physics itself does not really develop, as all the math, mass, space and time were always there. What develops is human understanding of the math, since Einstein had many collaborators or opponents all working on the same issues the differences would be less than they would be more
  3. This has been tried and pretty much failed which does not prevent scammers from selling rooftop sprinklers. Also do not expect much water pressure during the fire because everyone including the fire dept is using so one would need their own supply of several Olympic size pools or so for a small home. If you monitor this have a bomb shelter with Oxygen to run into as the fire rages over head
  4. Perhaps not lab grown, but this has already been done. Not sure why lab grown would mean something though, as it would still not effect genetics
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