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  1. That is an indication for the Inteligent design. Not for Evolution of any kind. Whales are way to massive to walk around on land. Theire bones would brake like biscuits.
  2. Wow you call me an idiot because i don´t share your Dogma called Evolution. Thank you you are a very nice Person (NOT)
  3. Zero Argumentation from the novices of pseudoscience called darwin theories. My case is finished and i see myself as the winner in this debate. Thank you.
  4. Nobody ever witnessed the Transformation of a fish into a Walking Amphibic creature. Why did your precious Makroevolution suddenly stop? Where are the many inbetween species which must be found in the geological structures? Charles Darwin was a smart man for his time but for modern science his theories are not plausible anymore.
  5. Darwin´s theories are debunked by Science called Information Technology. If you have Nothing to add to the discussion than please don´t waste my precious time.
  6. There is Nothing to understand. What you call as Evolution is just Microevolution and not Makroevolution which is needed to explain Species Transformation into another species.
  7. they are not different species and you know it very well. they are the same species. called finches. They are only different races. Like dog races which are all the same species called DOG No you are mistaken. It is an Illusion to construct species Evolution from some proven different races of the same species. Microevolution is not Makroevolution like you Claim.
  8. Nice try? The Information Evolution paradoxon destroys what is left of the darwin theories. Charles Darwin lived in the 18th century. Without information technology.
  9. Is it not true that many mathematicians can´t proof the darwin theories because of the Information evolution paradoxon. Information and complex Information like DNA can´t be reproduced without intelligent design.
  10. I asked a Question. So Darwin thought that finches with different mouth shapes are a different species? Are the many different races of dogs different species according to Darwin? The truth is there is no such Thing as Evolution. It was never witnessed ever in the nature.
  11. without Einstein the Physics would have taken a different route.
  12. Dude, let me help you. Darwin´s theories are just a Theory. If you want you can still believe in the holy scripture the bible. It says God took soil from every Color and molded it into a human beeing called Adam. Then he breathed the life into him.
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