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  1. Hi Marjus, Thank you for the answer. But i am not referring to the size of the event horizon but to the actual size of the physical material inside. And what does it include exactly?, is it just the elementary particles compressed? Does the physical size increase when more stars collapse to it? I guess no one know for sure but i would like to know what is expected. ps: will the event horizon increase as more stars collapsing? I would expect so. Best Regards Ran
  2. Is that only because the actual physical content of any atom and distance between them is so great? If so, given enough stars collapsing to the black hole, can it reach for example couple of meters? Or are there others laws preventing that? Best Regards Ran
  3. Not sure if creativity can only exist in a "soul". As we explore the AI, it does not seem to require it. But i think there are clues to the dualism concept such as the controlling mechanism. As many believe at "the selfish gene" concept, one would ask: how does the body decides the correct decisions to allow him to progress to the next generation? Although it does not seem to require any such "soul" to activate its own organs, these actions seems to be in perfect sync with our feelings. We feel hungry so we eat, we feel curious so we explore, we feel bored so we get out of the house. This sync
  4. I thank you all for your patience and feedback. If any other, i will be glad to read them. Best Regards Ran
  5. Thank you for your response. My meaning of `soul` is in no way religious. Only the existence of something that is beyond the actual body or matter. This "something" is probably in no way "good" or "bad", it might not have any memory or thoughts of its own, it does not have to be in any specific body such as human or bug. To the body, it is only a tool to survive and pass on its genes and i have no clue what happens to it after the body is dead. This theory is based on several assumptions: Our body only cares about its gene survival as described by the "selfish gen
  6. I believe the “soul” (for lack of a better word) should start being explored by science and no longer be the proprietary of any religion or old ways of investigation. The word “soul” might have significant connotation to religion and the fear from un-balancing the thin status quo, but I believe there is a great science and discoveries awaiting to be revealed through the ways of science exploration. To clarify, the word “soul” is not only meant for humans, I believe every living thing has one and it might as well be the same. Neither do I think there is a “good soul” or “bad soul” as
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