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  1. Frogger

    Father time.

    What is the human form? Should I be able to remember my conception (the human form), would I be able to change form by thinking of that moment and, for example, deciding to become "an alien." Would have to wait for my conception to reach the moment I made that decision? : 0-------->1-------->2 ---------->0-------->1 Would a woman be able to become pregnant by thinking of her conception, and deciding that she was so???
  2. Frogger

    Dna code?

    To alter my dna so I may change form (!). However should I alter my conception dna, NOW, must I wait until my conception reaches this moment, and would my conception ever reach the moment without the end of time? 0---------->1----------->2 ------------>0----------->1
  3. Frogger

    How long?

    Is God the first time-traveller?
  4. Frogger

    Dna code?

    Dim I$(0), Bases$(1 to 4) Bases$(1)="T" Bases$(2)="C" Bases$(3)="A" Bases$(4)="G" For base1=1 to 4 For base2=1 to 4 For base3=1 to 4 I$(0)=Bases$(base1) + Bases$(base2) + Bases$(base3) Next base3 Next base2 Next base1 The above is a correction.
  5. Frogger

    How long?

    Is, "forever" until the end of time and is it guaranteed?
  6. Frogger

    Dna code?

    Correction: it should be T, C, A and G. https://images.app.goo.gl/6LdhRnMZhYbphaiU9
  7. Frogger

    Dna code?

    https://images.app.goo.gl/NTEDUvnmRQFjqRzX7 These are every possible genetic code possible. To alter your genetic code, should you run this program, but wait until your genetic code meets you? ------>--------> Dim I$(1 to 64), Bases$(1 to 4) Bases$(1)="T" Bases$(2)="C" Bases$(3)="A" Bases$(4)="G" For base1=1 to 4 For base2=1 to 4 For base3=1 to 4 n=n+1 I$(n)=Bases$(base1) + Bases$(base2) +Bases$(base3) Next base3 Next base2 Next base1 The above program runs through every possible genetic code (!) however should you wait until your genetic code catches you?
  8. Dim I(1 to 24) For a=1 to 10 For b=1 to 10 For c=1 to 10 For d=1 to 10 For e=1 to 10 I(1)=((((a+b)×c)-d)÷e) I(2)=((((a+b)×c)÷d)-e) I(3)=((((a+b)-c)×d)÷e) I(4)=((((a+b)-c)÷d)×e) I(5)=((((a+b)÷c)×d)-e) I(6)=((((a+b)÷c)-d)×e) I(7)=((((a×b)+c)-d)÷e) I(8)=((((a×b)+c)÷d)-e) I(9)=((((a×b)-c)+d)÷e) I(10)=((((a×b)-c)÷d)+e) I(11)=((((a×b)÷c)+d)-e) I(12)=((((a×b)÷c)-d)+e) I(13)=((((a-b)+c)×d)÷e) I(14)=((((a-b)+c)÷c)×e) I(15)=((((a-b)×c)+d)÷e) I(16)=((((a-b)×c)÷d)+e) I(17)=((((a-b)÷c)+d)×e) I(18)=((((a-b)÷c)×d)+e) I(19)=((((a÷b)+c)×d)-e) I(20)=((((a÷b)+c)-d)×e) I(21)=((((a÷b)×c)+d)-e) I(22)=((((a÷b)×c)-d)+e) I(23)=((((a÷b)-c)+d)×e) I(24)=((((a÷b)-c)×d)+e) Next e Next d Next c Next b Next a
  9. Frogger


    Fuck off!
  10. Frogger


    0+1=1 1+1=11 1+1+1=111 111-1=11 111-11=1 111-111=0 0÷0=1 1÷1=1 11÷11=1 111÷111=1 Question: 1+11=?+?+?=?-1111=?÷?=?
  11. Frogger


    1×1=?+1=?÷1=?-1=? 2×1=?-1=? 1×1=? 1-1=?×1=? 1-?=?
  12. Frogger

    Please read.

    Dim I(1 to 24) For n=1 to 10 I(1)=((2n)-1) I(2)=n I(3)=n I(4)=n I(5)=n I(6)=(n-(n×(n-1))) I(7)=n I(8)=1 I(9)=n I(10)=((2n)-1) I(11)=n I(12)=n I(13)=n I(14)=n I(15)=1 I(16)=n I(17)=(n×n) I(18)=n I(19)=(n×n) I(20)=n I(21)=n I(22)=n I(23)=n I(24)=(n-(n×(n-1))) Next n
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