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  1. So are you trying to say its hallucinations? Not something real? It's not hard to see it. It's all light. -2Pr0ngM0SQU1T0
  2. I used a 800 lumen flashlight and you turn it to strobe, in a dark room that is white, focus the strobe and if you look at the strobe for a few seconds the grid pattern will appear, and when you turn it off you will notice in the darkness you will be able to see what looks like static, and if you focus on a specific shape or color you will see the patterns, and one of the ones i noticed there's a constant rotating pattern, and a few days later I saw static on the tv and I recognized to same rotating pattern and just as constant, and I dont believe I could change its direction or speed with words or thoughts.
  3. so I recenIly made a discovery with a flashlight that you can do in your own home, that let's you see with your own eyes a perfect grid pattern energy and a neutral rotational energy that moves counter clockwise and is constant, I have looked over the internet and haven't found a hint of these energies. And I k ow you say speculation but this is something you see with your own eyes with focus and conecentraition, there are others like a triangular pattern but I haven't seemed to mapped it quite yet, all with different colors and speeds, but the same rotational energy you see with your eyes appears in static on the tv if you put a fine a dead channel, reply if you want to know more on this topic, curious of any else had similar experiences, btw this is something that once you see you wont forget and is constant, doesn't appear to change. Event thought I cant give you direct proof, its right there..
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