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  1. Because aren’t you sick of using something that still can’t be found. I mean cern claimed to find the higs boson. But wo look , they found 4 separate other yet known particles and magnetism works without that horrible space time crud. Also it works in 3 dimensions length height width. Possitive negative neutralizing
  2. What if the electron had a more powerful field than simply 1. Let’s say -25. now what if the proton was +25 now the neutron - + 25. Both at the same time so instead of gravity to explain the universe we use magnetics The center of Jupiter is believed to be liquid metal helium making a magnetic effect. the neutron does what it is named for. Neutralizing both opposite itself. It both absorbs and emits at will a magnetic field And because it is neutral it can be ejected as posssitive and neutralized by the button and turn it’s self negative to
  3. What if Jupiter was closer to Saturn at one point(perhaps while traveling after the Big Bang) and instead of gravity we use magnetism and the moons on Saturn got crushed because it was negatively charged and Saturn and Jupiter where possitive. The result would be negatively charged rocks caught in a possitive field. It would help explain why the rocks sit in place ( Jupiter and Saturn new distance would lock most in space. And why the globes never reformed. No possitive there. It’s a nice stretch anyways.
  4. I think Einstein had the same problems when he first declared e=mc2 but he did not have the information at hand from CERN. You will have to break out of thinking that ALL scientific evidence is empirical. The numbers are guess, science would have to analyze all parts of all particles for true strength weights of their natural magnetic state in a magnetic weight table. I don’t say this is law, but it’s 1 page of the full theory. It will take time for me to fully add it all so I started small as I didn’t post correctly the first few times. But your answers are all in the post.
  5. I take Einstein’s equation e=mc2 and make it m=ec+ to c- Basically the c is coalescence and that happens at the speed of light or slower. The particles become a wave at c+. if we take a normal helium atom -1 for electron 0 neutron and +1 for proton and then convert it to a magnetic field strength calculation for attraction or gravity -25 electron -+50 neutron + 100 proton the neutron is both attracted and repealed to the proton and nuclear force takes place on a small and large universe. The neutralizing force of the neutron re
  6. Thank you for understanding I do wish I had the capability to properly post but dyslexia hampers my capability. Slowly I’ll get post all paperwork
  7. Unfortunately 26 pages and no ability to draw would make it impossible to display on these forums.
  8. I can’t post more than one page. Bad forums. Contact for al 26 pages.
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