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  1. Using stem cells from an animal such as a goat, deer, or another species with horns, would it be possible to grow and then graft or somehow implant then onto a human skull? I asked a question like this previously, and I realized how vague and unreasonable I made it sound, so im deciding to rephrase it. After doing a bit more research I'm still stuck on a few questions. I'll first clarify a few things about what im thinking: I don't expect them to grow after they've been implanted, that's for obvious reasons impossible. I don't intend to act upon any answers given, I've just had this question stuck in my head for years. I understand that I'm not in any position to act like I understand what im thinking, I just feel that something I put out there will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. These are the questions I have about my thought: 1. If someone achieved in growing a horn from the stem cells (for now lets say they're from a goat) could it then be grafted onto the skull, or could a post or something else be attached to the skull to then be attached to the base of the horn? (The horn still being unremovable without surgery because it will still have the base of it under skin) Quoting part of a previous reply for reference: "dental implants suggest that a suitable post can be attached to bone, and then you could attach something to the post, like they do with implanted crowns." 2. Because I would prefer the horns be implanted partially underneath skin (to imitate what a growing horn looks like more realistically), would it be refused my the body? 3. If it wasn't refused, would the skin attach to the base like I would have wanted? (The skin growing over the horns, or to be attached at all - both of which I dont want (I want the skin attached only to the base to look like it's growing though it wont be)) I've been told there's too many problems for this possibility to happen, so if any of the ones I've just asked about are the problem or any other one that I didn't think of please let me know. Thanks to anyone who can give help or any problems with trying to do that. Edit: the horns would be about two inches long, at most.
  2. So i had a thought, (most if them are dumb, this one may be too) if someone makes Lab grown bones in the shape of "devil" horns, would it be possible to attach it to their skull? Just to put there, not to grow or anything. Im guessing there's a lot of things wrong with that, but I was curious of if it would be possible. Also, could there be a possibility part of the bone could be left showing, and it be attached around the bottom to make it look more like actual horns. Would the body reject them? And what complications could arrive, or are there too many to count?
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