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  1. Oh, mind telling me what they got into a state of superposition bigger than a quantum particle? This is interesting..
  2. Yeah I get that.. That's what I said... A cat cannot be alive and dead at the same time: In other words, Schrödinger was trying to prove that a cat cannot be alive and dead at the same time.. Yep.. I know that, a state of superposition..
  3. But really, didn't people on quantum physics say that quantum particles can reach a collapsed state from their superposition when a conscious observer observes... He was trying to prove them wrong with his thought experiment... That it cannot apply in the real world.. So as opposed to the theory of the cat being both dead and alive until the box is opened, he's saying that it has already reached a collapsed state without the observer having to open the box. People are thinking his thought experiment proves otherwise.. It's not just an analogy...
  4. I am quite confused... A cat cannot be alive and dead at the same time, essentially what Schrödinger was trying to prove.. A state can collapse without a conscious observer. How did so many people misinterpret his thought experiment? Or am I missing something here?
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