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  1. Isn't systems collapsing by themselves a big problem in quantum computing? It doesn't depend only on an observer right? It collapses by itself all the time. Awesome that they were able to maintain superposition of a 2000 atom system for 7 ms.
  2. Ok, I'm not too good with physics and mathematics, but first you said that velocity is zero then you use the maximum interactions velocity for a lot of things. I think maybe you think this velocity in special has a lot of unique attributes we haven't found about yet? Because you use the maximum velocity to say that time does not fundamentally exist. And isn't velocity the rate of change of space/position in time? The other thing I notice it's you just put the equations for general relativity out there, with no special meaning. So, supposedly, there is a fundamental action that depends onl
  3. You never derive spacetime in your article? Also, your article made me think about how little we know about gravity. What is gravity after all? I think there would be something to gain if you wrote about it. There is a series of things you consider that I don't like. First, you consider that the world is mathematical abstraction. How could we even create mathematical abstraction without mass? It makes no sense. We would simply be not able to perceive certain concepts, as it happen with objects with over 3 dimensions, that doesn't make them mathematical abstraction. Then, you disconsider the ex
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