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  1. Please excuse me as i am trying to simplify this as best as possible without having to draw a picture 😃 I questioned earlier about perpetual motion and it led me to idea no2. You have two cylinders. One filled with water and one in a vacuum. You have a container that is denser than air but still buoyant. The container passes through the water filled cylinder pulling a cable that turns a generator. Once it reaches the top it passes into the cylinder with the vacuum and falls to the bottom still pulling the cable. Would this create a positive energy output?
  2. Yes, i should've done some research before thinking i had a good idea 😅 breaking the 3 laws.
  3. Exactly. Less of a question and more of a topic for debate. Can it be done The easy side, gravity will pull an object towards the earth at no cost. The hard part is how to return the weight to its starting point using less energy than what was created by the downwards motion. Factors are friction, air resistance. Without both you would be at an equal energy output, (is my thinking.) Air resistance is easier to combat as you would put it into a vacuum. Friction is the hard part. As for the equal energy output, you would need a way to increase the weight/force applied at the top of the experiment or reduce the weight/force applied at the bottom. If you can increase the length of the object at the top of the revolution and decrease it at the bottom would you have more force applied during the downwards motion?
  4. 2 second drawing to get the ball rolling
  5. Ideas 💡 for a perpetual motion generator that harnesses gravity to create a positive energy output 🤔 EDIT: lesson learnt, always research your idea before starting a topic about it 😅 even with positive and negative mass chasing each other, its impossible to create a positive energy output.
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