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  1. How do I calculate the losses and do the mathematical calculations? or do you know any resources to study them? According to me the main losses here will be the core losses of the motor, frictional losses at the gear set and the heat losses. Actually, I don't know about the battery losses. Assuming the battery to be lithium ion battery, what is the loss in continuous charging and discharging of the battery?
  2. Hello, I am an engineering student. I have a question for you. Let us consider, we have an electric motor and it is being supplied the electric current. Thus it is converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy and we are getting the rotational motion at the end of the shaft. Now, what if we connect another motor(to be specific a generator) to the end of the shaft and it is further connected to store the energy in batteries, is it possible to convert the energy completely and store it? maybe not due to the core losses in both motors. But, what if we attach a set of gears at the shaft such that, the speed of rotation of the second motor is greater than the speed of the motor of the first motor and it will overcome the losses, is it possible? How can I study more about electric motors and power electronics online? or Where can I find the resources online? I am currently working on a project for regeneration of energy and I need resources to perform calculations and to study the motors and generators mathematically. I need help to know where can I get these resources and how to get them. I would like to get to know few people who would help me. Thanks.
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