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  1. Thank you so much for the replies. This makes a lot of sense because before having prostatitis I had a UTI that I left untreated which developed into prostatitis. I am going to use phages to eradicate this bacteria. Antibiotics has low penetration of prostate tissue and it harms the good bacteria in the gut..I feel like using phages would be safer..
  2. Just wanna know if citrobacter koseri is normal flora in the prostate
  3. DONT DO IT! I did autohemotherapy in 2017 and it messed up my body ! I developed eczema on my hands and leaky gut syndrome shortly after !! It will mess with your immune system! It’s dangerous
  4. Hi, I have chronic bacterial prostatitis for 8 years now. I sent a culture and they found heavy growth of Citrobacter Koseri in my prostate. Is citrobacter koseri normal flora or is it pathogenic ? My doc doesn’t know. I have sexual symptoms and urinary symptoms and I don’t know if this bacteria is causing it..desperate for some answers
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