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  1. Hi S, Your photo and my 2x photos, were giving me the impression, that it is unlikely to be useful, in this way. I am a little puzzled, how my eye can see an image larger than the LED itself. How is it possible? C. Thanks, C. Hi S2, Ok, thanks. C.
  2. Hi S, Thanks for your reply. Your photo doesn't show enough detail for my next question. I tried a photo using two different cameras, but neither was good enough to get the individual sparkles. Following what I said in my first post, I wondered if the sparkles could be used in some sort of navigation, by comparing two different photos from different distances or angles? C
  3. Hi, First post I have noticed the light corona emitted from an LED. What I am talking about is sparkle light, stars, surrounding the LED. As I move my head away, it looks as though I'm zooming into the 'stars' and visa versa. If I tilt my head sideways the corona also tilts in line with my eyes. Is it cataracts, that is causing it? Can it be photographed? Cheers, Camerart.
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