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  1. how does sulfuric acid cause the parmangnic anhydryde to form?
  2. what does that mean "it would be oxidized"
  3. i went over to my friends house, and he added sulfuric acid to potassium permanganate (i dont know if it was accident or purposely) but it turned liek green. THen when he dripped liek a drop of ethanol on it like popped and cught fire- like it lit instantly on contact. why did it do that and what happened?
  4. Can someone define entropy and enthalypy in terms easy to understand?
  5. does anybody else have any ideas?
  6. I was watching a show bout firefighters. To burn off flammable underbrush in forests so they dont ignite later, they filled ping pong balls with a chemical and dropped them from helicopters into the area that they wanted to burn the underbrush in. When filled with the chemical, the balls would ignite with a few seconds delay, i think it was 7 seconds. Does anyone know what the chemical could be?
  7. i guess isotopes are kinof liek retards, theyre just born that way.
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