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  1. One MUST understand that although "science" states that the human body contains +-60% that not a drop of water exists (other than in the bladder). Proof? Stick yourself ANYWHERE with a sharp object and record the amount of water that issues forth: ZERO. Blood is a semi-liquid (there are also semi-solids and semi-gases) as is spit or any other bodily fluid. Blood is a Creation which cannot be duplicated in the laboratory or explained by "science". The so-called "expert", Balwin uses a snail "heart" for an example. Snails do not have hearts - nor blood.
  2. Newton (centuries ago) has 3 laws of Motion: LAWS - I say again: L A W S, which are incontrovertible. Darwin (more than a century ago) had a notion which is NOT a law of ANYTHING - meaning he was like my uncle who had a notion he could fly. Both of these dudes are DEAD! My uncle left a wife and four children. Darwin left confusion and hope amongst those who refute/doubt Creationism. Whether it was a God, gods, cottage cheese or a yield sign everything on Earth was created. The purpose: I have not the foggiest! Dogma? I give it little credibility as it is the creation of man
  3. It is impossible as photosynthesis is a cold process requiring sunlight and this CANNOT be duplicated outside of a plant itself. If you will CUT a branch from a live tree you will note that the cut is cold. Why? Transpiration is the reverse of evaporation. The former requires heat and an atmosphere while the latter is cold with the absence of an atmosphere: Newton's Third Law of Motion x2.
  4. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: "there were perhaps a million people in Scotland at the beginning of the 18th century … and by the turn of the 20th century the population exceeded 4.5 million. What occurred, not only for such an increase in people but food to nourish them. It was the Industrial Revolution which sent billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. "The Importance of carbon in living things Is based on the fact that it is the chemical element on which the existence of life is based." Does it not then stand to reason that carbon dioxide is NECESSARY for life as it is the METHOD for distribution of Carbon over the entire world? Contrary to popular fiction, trees and vegetation do not convert carbon dioxide into Oxygen. Carbon dioxide is produced by heat and ONLY cold can break the magnetic bond, and although trees are incredibly cold inside there is no method by which carbon dioxide can be taken INSIDE the tree. In spite of the FACT trees and all plants release O² it is via transpiration as Oxygen is a waste product.
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