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  1. Yeah i can confirm this. When i was 14 i was stung by a wasp for the first time - and not just one, maybe 100 or more. I was in the army cadets and was on a cadets vs army recruit training exercise. We were lined up behind a ridge above a road ready to ambush the recruits (with blanks which is like having grit hurled at you). I was unfortunate to be sat on a wasps nest and was stung over and over but had to stay still & quiet so as not to give away our position. We shot and "killed" or captured the army recruits at which point I jumped up up wiping the little boogers out of my hair are shaking them from my pants I had one in my ear a sting on my lip on my nose under my arms or across my stomach and back as horrible I think my hands and face with the worst affected as these for a fully exposed but they seem to get everywhere! Thank God my tackle somehow survived unscathed. Anyway, for about an hour afterwards i felt surprisingly odd. I didn't I know it at the time but I felt was akin to a miles liberty cap mushroom trip, colours were enhanced and i wasn't sure if the snaking my fingers were doing was because they were swolen or if my eyes were playing tricks. My advice if you want this effect is to eat some shrooms. Much less painful. Instantly there used to be an anasthetic throat lozenge called Dequacaine that if you ate a whole packet in an hour or so so also so gave mushroom like effects but i haven't been able to find any recently....
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