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  1. PLEASE GROUP HELP ME OUT WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT. WE HAVE BEEN TRYING OUR BEST IN SCHOOL BUT THE LECTURER KEEPS REJECTING OUR SOLUTION. HELP PLEASE, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I THINK I CAN GET THE BEST SOLUTION. PLEASE I BEG YOU PROGRAMMERS HELP.🤕😓 //you can send solution to EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED and another copy as a reply to this group// 1. Read through the project text in the document below and try to get an overall understanding of what it says. 2. a) Identify and write down the aim(s) and objectives of the project is almost in at most 10 lines of typed text (20 lines handwritten), with objectives itemised. b) Identify the main concepts used in the text and for each do the following: ▪ State what the concept is, ▪ State the main purpose or use of the project, ▪ State the type of things the concept focuses on, and ▪ Use annotated diagrams, as need be, to describe the concept. c) For each concept, give short notes mainly based on the text , but possibly also with prior on research knowledge on what each concept means. 3. a) Imagine possible ways in which the concepts could be combined and used in order to meet the aims and objectives of the project. b) Write down your options and opinions with justifications. (Note, justification used must be rational, for you and brainstorming.) 4. Select and present in more structured (organised) form the salient and more reasonable options, alongside possibly new justifications. Here justifications could also be based on how reasonable and feasible solutions are [to design/implement in order to attain our goal]. Some Activities for Deliverables of Analysis: In your project notebook, do the following: 1. Write in no more than 0.5 page hand written (or 0.25 page typed, 12pt Times New Roman, single space with 1 inch margin all round) the purpose of the project. 2. Write in no more than 1 page hand written (0.5 typed) a description of the project, giving its aims and objectives, and possible outcomes, as well as its rationale (i.e., why it is important or significant to do the project). Note that the expectations of this part is different from those in (1) above, though the material they cover do overlap. 3. Attempt an analysis phase of program development for this project, mindful of (1) and (2) above. Record your thoughts, choices etc. during analysis and eventually give: a) an outline model that reveals the main entities and activities of the system. b) an outline description of these main entities and activities [as they occur in the real world or where the final project is used]. c) the main requirements of the system in terms of functional requirements, non-functional requirements and systems services. d) (i.e., highlight) in the form of notes any assumptions made and definitions assumed. If you did not make any assumption or assume any definition, do not give any! 4. From (3), give a reasonably abstract description of what tasks to achieve and by what components or players (entities) in your system. (Technically, this is an initial step for your design architecture.) 5. Give a report of how you went about producing the results in 1-4 above. prj-csc208-topic-concurrencyViaColouredPetriNets-pages1to5of5-1up-STUD-SENT-17042020.pdf
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