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  1. @Prometheus No. I will focus on my major during the five-year PhD stretch. In my career, I will focus on mathematics/engineering, and I won't move on to a medical career. I am trying to learn medical/physiological knowledge out of interest. However, I am not satisfied learning it as an amateur. I want to learn it at a high level, as those who are qualified as nurses, for example. Unfortunately, the institute I am at now is Georgia Tech, which does not have a medical department. @CharonY. Thanks! Sometimes I feel there are too many entry-level textbooks, and I am unsure which ones to cho
  2. I am a graduate student majoring in math. I hope to master some medical science knowledge at some higher level, as in medical schools. I do not expect myself to be a doctor. Still, I am eager to develop some insight into human physiology and pathology. In particular, I am mostly interested in pharmacology, neurology, cardiology, and ophthalmology. I list below some general questions that are always in my mind. I would feel very, very grateful if anyone can give me some suggestions. I have been learning organic chemistry and physiology at Khan Academy since January of this year. I
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