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  1. @Prometheus No. I will focus on my major during the five-year PhD stretch. In my career, I will focus on mathematics/engineering, and I won't move on to a medical career. I am trying to learn medical/physiological knowledge out of interest. However, I am not satisfied learning it as an amateur. I want to learn it at a high level, as those who are qualified as nurses, for example. Unfortunately, the institute I am at now is Georgia Tech, which does not have a medical department. @CharonY. Thanks! Sometimes I feel there are too many entry-level textbooks, and I am unsure which ones to choose. Do you have specific suggestions for the textbooks?
  2. I am a graduate student majoring in math. I hope to master some medical science knowledge at some higher level, as in medical schools. I do not expect myself to be a doctor. Still, I am eager to develop some insight into human physiology and pathology. In particular, I am mostly interested in pharmacology, neurology, cardiology, and ophthalmology. I list below some general questions that are always in my mind. I would feel very, very grateful if anyone can give me some suggestions. I have been learning organic chemistry and physiology at Khan Academy since January of this year. I also watch videos on a Youtube channel called Speed Pharmacology. I find these videos very concise and informative. While I am watching the videos, I would take notes and review them several times later. Yet, I have no idea how to look for other/more advanced material after watching all of the videos. Does anyone have suggestions of reliable sources of texts/videos/websites where I can learn more about medical science? Which site is the best to look for medical science papers? I know in astrophysics, people generally go to http://adswww.harvard.edu/. I believe in medical science, there should also be some websites similar to that, where we can search for the papers in medical science. Which forum other than this one do you typically use if you have some specific medical questions?
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