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  1. thanks a lot guys. for tonight i will stick with the conversation between richard dawkins and brian greene but tomorrow i will be looking at the carta stuff. btw joigus, i also like your posts on the fermi paradox no religious upbringing actually, born in east germany and raised more or less as an atheist. im just very interested in evolution especially in that of behaviours.
  2. Well I definitely mean the evolution of believing in god or any entity of this sort. I'm also rather new to the topic in the sense that i really try to understand evolution for a few months now. can you point me to a book of dawkins for that matter? Also I'm trying to read Robert Sapolsky on the matter of how the brain works which would get right into the point that you made about fear and anxiety. But that is kind of a hard read for me as i have no scientific backround whatsoever. Any chance you can recommend any "lighter" readings on this topic for someone who is just starting to try to understand these kind of things?
  3. Hey, I was wondering what exactly the evolutionary origin of religion/a believe in god is. I have heard one argument that stuck with me. Individuals that believed a sound in the bushes would be a deadly snake or leopard or any other predator would have ran immediately versus individuals that didnt believe that would have been eaten a certain percentage of times. Thereby evolution would have favored individuals that easily believed.
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