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  1. Yup, one person, and they didn't measure coronavirus antibodies, just the cell types. Do you have any articles or any materials that talk about the variations of WBC during a day? like, a source I could cite? I'll ask them for more info on this.
  2. Well more than stating I was asking, because they said they didn't need to do any more tests because the difference was too great to be one of those fluctuations. I don't have the knowledge to verify that. The WBC count increased in 900/mm3. Not really, they are just interested on the WBC count, I added the other data for context in case it could mean anything else. Right now it's about trying to prove it can help the immune system to a point in which it could prevent getting COVID-19. In Brazil because that's where it first became popular. https://translate.google.com/
  3. Some acquaintances of mine have been trying to convince me to try autohemotherapy (also called autologous blood therapy), which is a practice that consists of extracting venous blood and re-injecting into the muscle and (from what they've told me) has the goal of either curing skin conditions or strengthening the immune system. I've read online about it and it sounds pretty much like quackery; it was even banned in Brazil for a lack of scientific support to it. Anyway, with the aim of proving to me its efficacy and refute the accusations of pseudoscience they showed me the results of two
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