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  1. It isn't homework but rather preparation for an exam. well if it is state function then the change in enthalpy should be independent of the steps in between the reactants and the products. And the definition of enthalpy is the amount of heat transferred to or from the system. Right?
  2. well, I have two unknown reactions at two sets of conditions. All i know is that one has a higher change in enthalpy at the first set of conditions, but I dont know whether it would be the same at the other set of conditions.
  3. Well I think it can be boiled down to whether the change in enthalpy is independent of pressure and temperature as long as they are constant?
  4. If the change in enthalpy is calculated for a reaction at two different temperatures and pressures, and afterwards compared to another reaction for which the chamge in enthalpy is also calculated at the same pressures and temperatures, will it still be the same reaction that has the highest change in enthalpy? Thanks
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