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  1. Sorry for late reply, people. 1st chance this week to get back to the forum. So what does barbie mean, Studio? A doll? Maybe code in the forum , kinda like hot Llama, but I want to know.
  2. OK, I had to look up entropy as it has been many decades since Chem. Regarding Carbon reacting- I learned in Organic that it is very difficult to make C react with anything, so in the example from Studio that, C reacts to form CO2, but just how difficult would that be? (Maybe Im stuck on the idea that charcoal will never react with anything in nature being mostly pure C).
  3. Thanks, Joigus, for the explanation and perspective. Now have a better feel for all of this. 1 billion years is , for most people, unimaginable. Much "chance" can happen. The quotes are meant to mean any type of random interaction, bumping, diffusion, functional groups linking, on and on. A better word than chance- perhaps exists. But you are right- life is still, such a mystery, although Biologists deserve much credit for their contribution to slowly unraveling the mystery. Their perspective so far has more credibility than others. Many thanks for your reply, Studio. I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that the molecules of life (one example- DNA/RNA) require much investment of energy and organization- higher energy state(?). To me, disorder (stable system/environment) would disfavor that. I think Joigus clarified that a bit.
  4. People, The first form of life on Earth came about by combining key molecules together (amino acid chains, etc etc) "by chance", perhaps spanning over a millions years or so. One assumes this requires energy (lightning, heat from a cooling Earth, chemical reactions, Laws of diffusion, etc), but would this process be in opposition to the laws in physics/chemistry where an environment tends to favor lowest states of energy? If so, the low state of energy would favor the opposite of the creation of the first life forms and even evolution. I am a bit puzzled here, and admit confusion so, comments/clariification is much welcome and appreciated in advance.
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