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  1. what then usually explain the phenomenon of triboluminescence and sonoluminescence? let's catch ball lightning and study it from the inside. 😃 ... I hope that through joint efforts we will get answers. in this case, why the magnetic lines do not instantly wrap when exiting the superconductor - at an acute angle? maybe someone studied this phenomenon? the plasma substance is displaced from the middle by the pressure created by the pulse of the electromagnetic wave (repeatedly reflected from the surface), so that a vacuum appears inside. Since the dipoles are formed by rays of electromagnetic radiation from a sphere exiting from the inside (from opposite walls), in this case the sections on the sphere with the same uniform dipole moment (polarized in almost one direction) differ only in a small angle of rotation, so that the whole sphere, Thus, an almost continuous circuit is formed, which dynamically continuously surrounds the plasma sphere, forming an almost equally stressed (in dynamics) pressure vessel. And most importantly, it happens in dynamics. - this is the complexity of building a model when modeling the dynamically changing polarity of dipoles and the electromagnetic wave that forms it, and their interactions in such a system.
  2. Stable representations of a finite fundamental model are finally found So, there is a non-trivial task, the solution of which is necessary to advance to a new branch of high-energy physics and new areas of production, a hypothesis is being published on a model of a new high-energy phenomenon, the investigation of which is currently underway around the world. I am looking for employees to develop a theory, a computer model of the phenomenon and build an experimental setup. the initial stage of discussion of the idea is needed on a model: 1.Spherical electromagnetic wave in a plasma dielectric trap. Has a self-organized wave-like dynamic deformation of the surface of the incident waves. 2. Gradient of electromagnetic permeability of vacuum. 3. The dipole displacement of plasma ions, light electrons oscillate around heavy nuclei in time with the incident wave and amplifies it with its accelerating radiation. 4. The pressure of electromagnetic radiation on the surface of the plasma shell is compensated by the attraction of dipoles due to the dipole moment. which create the tensile force of the elastic plasma membrane of the sphere. @ball lightning & micro ball lightning nuclear fusion reacto - strang radiation.
  3. Here is one blogging engineer discussing this hypothesis, referring to the results of its application for interpreting the fundamental constants of quantum physics, but all this in Russian, if you wait, I will translate into English or give my diagrams with explanations. http://vixra.org/abs/1610.0103 here is the translation
  4. normal speed with simple mechanics, instead of the temporal dimension, (what follows is my interpretation of the mathematical operation, what could possibly be an interpretation error) a 4-dimensional volume from 4-dimensional space is substituted, as a result, the dimensionality of the physical unit of speed is obtained [m / s] = [x-3]
  5. thus, there is no speculation, but a fundamental discovery was found here, no matter how simple or inexplicable it may look (at first glance), moreover, giving results in theoretical physics , but still not for the general public. I gave an essential entity in the calculations, since they do not contain detailed descriptions, since only the entity is a value, and the descriptions can be any, depending on the interpretation.
  6. All designations correspond to the school curriculum and the international system of physical units. calmly, I will explain everything on the topic. If something is not clear, ask additional questions. the discussion itself includes consideration of the phenomenon of substitution by a universal unit instead of the metric of time and space in the system of measurements of physical units If such a substitution is possible and its development brings the mathematical simplification of calculating the physical dimension and its verification by the finite sum in the formulas, then we are interested in various physical interpretations of what is behind this in the fundamental sense.
  7. [T] = [x4] v = dx/dt = x1/x 4 = [x-3] a = d2x/dt2 = x1/x 8=[x-7] F = ma = mx-7 F = GmM/r2 = mM/x2 mx-7= m2/x2 [m] = [x-5] [F] = x-10/x2 = [x-12] [E] = mv2/2 = [x-11] [G] = [x0] [gradE] = F = x-11/x1 = [x-12] [grad] = [x-1] ([d/dx+d/dy +d/dz] = d[x0]/d[x1]) F = q1q2/r2 = x-10/x2 = [x-12] [q] = [x-5] [I] = dq/dt = [x-9] E = VH2/2 = x3H2/2 = [x-11] [H] = [x-7] [E] = ε0q/r2= [x-7] [ε0] = [x0] [E] = [H] = [a] = [x-7] F = qvB = x-5x-3B = [x-12] B = [x-4] v = ωr = ωx1 = x-3 ω = [x-4] Hμ0 = B [B] = [ω] = [x-4] [μ0] =[ x3] [c] = (1/ε'0μ0)-1/2 = (1/x3x3)-1/2 = [x-3] [ε'0] = [x3] Dear colleagues, if something is unclear, ask questions. Clarifications of the interpretations of the obtained algebraic calculations of the metric system of calculating physical units will be given later if the topic is of interest to forum visitors.
  8. Like you, I tried to understand the essence of this question (it was not possible to find out something specific), but there are serious obstacles to understanding what you are asking (perhaps if you could provide sources of information, together maybe we could understand the specific parameters of physical processes in such devices): 1) it is necessary to find publications on the study of the charge distribution inside a dielectric, in particular, a gas. 2) Scientific publications on the phenomenon of the "cold discharge", in which the charge is transferred from the dielectric to the conductor and vice versa. > Without a detailed instrumental study of these processes, it would be impossible to say something unambiguously logical and defined in this topic, since there is a significant gap in the education system in this topic (I have long studied physics and applied electrostatics in theory). In our time in the educational literature there are no such sources. At least in Russian) > Does anyone study the phenomena of charge transfer through liquid dielectric media in which laboratory or university? Are there any CAE software packages in which this can be roughly modeled?
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