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  1. Thank you Just wanted to confirm if my current understanding matches whats commonly understood.
  2. Hi, I have this understanding of the nature of SpaceTime, and I'm just wondering if this is already common knowledge. My understanding is this: Space and time are dualities of each other, so they will be opposite in every way. In their relationship, space is the multiplicity, that which is observable, and time is the singularity, the absence of observation. Now, The evenly balanced view of this duality would be that only one truly "exists". But since were are of an odd(3) number dimension, the observation of existence is an odd, uneven, asymmetrical balance; therefore that which wouldn't exist, does, just indirectly. We are of the multiplicity, therefore our observation of singularities can only be through the lack of observation of the multiplicity. Since, time is the singularity, I understand that it does not pass by, travel, change, or do anything except for a single thing; exist. And it only does so for reference. Space, is the only thing that passes by, travels, changes, etc... It's the one that does two or more things. So, any kind of observation of "time", is actually an absence of observing space. And this sense of "time passing" is due to the oscillation of observation and absence; that wave pattern life loves. With this understanding, the relativity of SpaceTime makes sense to me, since its more so just Space(Time). Time "contracts", as you increase speed because the observation of Space is less (more blurs and skips) than when moving slower, and always in reference to a universal and unchanging Time. So, thats a basic explanation, hopefully it makes sense. I'm excited to known if this is new or not and I'll explain more, if there are questions.
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