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  1. Really don't know what to say hahaha. Thanks to you all guys, I will try to improve my English everyday And for those who might curious, i'm gonna buy the book, 31 pounds is not money at all when we are talking about knowledge. Thanks!
  2. Yeah well, you've got a very interesting point. As a chem eng probably I will use the book only for specific consultations (except this year, I have a subject called Inorganic Chemistry). However, bare in mind that I've found the book at a really cheap and good price, usually, the Spanish version costs 95 € (85 pounds) but I've found a second-hand one for 35 € (31 pounds) which is a third of the original price. Do you think that it is profitable to buy the book (taking into account that I will only use it for specific consultations or to know more about inorganic chemistry)??? Thanks mate! And sorry, I forgot. It is the recommended coursebook. Sorry haha
  3. Hey, I study Chemichal engeneering in Madrid (Spain) and I have a doubt about a book. Do you know if the book Inorganic Chemistry (written by Catherine Housecroft) is the most "advanced" book about Inorganic chemistry (I mean, can I found books much more advanced and more profound, or is the Housecroft valid). I mean, im not going to work as a pure chemist (I think), but I dont want to spend loads of money if I can find better, profound and advanced books (considering that I study Chemical Engeneering and not pure chemistry, obviously). Thanks guys, and sorry for my English, tell me if there's something you dont understand! Cheers
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