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    Petri Dish

    Sorry if my language is non-standard - I'm really a novice at this stuff. I want to do an experiment with a type of tobacco leaf virus. Step by step this is what I want to do if possible. Like I said, I'm a novice and I might get the terminology and concepts wrong, bear with me. The workflow for the tobacco (instead of a deadly virus like COVID) 1. Obtain Tobacco virus. 2.Obtain Petri dish and distilled water 3. Sterilize Petri dish 4.We are preparing the petri dish to test the virus language (may be different frequency) 5. A wire is run through the dish, on
  2. tedgress

    Petri Dish

    Hi. I’m new here and am a native Software Engineer with a M.S. in Computer Science. I’v grown an interest Recently I’ve grown an interest in Bioinformatics however. There is an internship that I really want to get. But that’s beside the point. My question (I have a lot) has to do with petri dishes. If I run a wire with a charge, grounded, through the fluid in the petri dish is it possible to 1) detect the EM frequency of any other things in the petri dish using an oscilloscope Thanks Ted
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