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  1. Yes, I also think "believe" is more appropriate. I will edit the message
  2. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts. I have to admit, you definitely uploaded uploaded meaningful thoughts inside of me. I wonder where the auto-conscience resides. Perhaps it is a result of neural connections. If it is correct, the question would be, can other future neural connections generate "John's" auto-conscience again. Personally, I find the bare "John's" auto-conscience reappearance consolatory enough, regardless of whether "John" remembers any past consciousness. On the other hand, there are also people who believe to remember past consciousnesses. In your opinion, given the current scientific knowledge, what is the most likely response to the hypotesis of a future re-generation of today's "John" auto-conscience (like: it is possible, it is unlikely, or we cannot answer to an appreciable degree of accuracy...)? Thanks for all your contributions. I find this discussion really meaningful.
  3. I should rephrase my question. What I meant with auto-conscience is "my" auto-conscience, that "thing that makes me John" (sorry for not being able to express this concept with better words). The question is, at some point in the future, is it possible that "I" will feel again?
  4. Thank you all for your meaningful remarks. So, given our current knowledge, we cannot give a certain answer to this question ("will everything repeat itself?"), but the answer seems to be no; some of the reasons are that the universe is probably not a closed system, and entropy is bound to increase over time. Am I correct? If everything does not repeat itself, is it still possible that, after one's death, some form of auto-conscience appears again at some point in the future?
  5. @MigL Thanks for the precious insight. It's correct that a number line is endless and does not repeat itself. In this regard, I would represent time as a number line, would you agree? The reason why I would think that a living being has infinite chances to be born again, is that the universe has a finite quantity of matter of energy, that interact which each other constantly, causing also the generation of living beings. Let's say that a particular series of conditions X led Mr. John Smith to be born. If matter and energy continue interacting over an infinite time, is it certain that at some point in time (maybe eons later) the same serird of conditions X appear, and Mr. John Smith is born again?
  6. Good day! The following doubt is raising in my head recently. If time is infinite, does it follow that everything that can happen will indeed happen? If so, are we (as any living being) indeed immortal, in the sense that each living being has infinite chances of being born again?
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