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  1. Man excuse if i'm really too stupid, can you help me? for example: Here how can i find the other focus of Mercury's orbit?
  2. Actually i did, honestly i didn't understand it because of my very poor english... i'll try to read again these wikipedia's pages, thank you.
  3. I start by saying i'm not good at science. i'm tying to do a solar system simulation, i alredy did the gravity simulator, the first problem now comes with the planets' orbit. Let's presume that we're looking at the solar system from above and that there is a cartesian plane where a the center of it there is our Sun: And now let's add Mercury's orbit: So, thanks to the first law of Keplero we know that the sun is actually on one of the two Mercury orbits's foci, but the orbit could even like this: So my question is, is there a value, a data or something else that indicates the orentation (or direction) of an orbit? Problably i'm searching for the rotation around the y-axis.
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