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  1. Hey everyone, I have a question about a problem related water chemistry. 0.3 mol K3PO4 + 0.1 mol NaCl dissolve in 1L water. 1-) evaluation of proton y and electroneutrality (using both graphic and electroneutrality method) 2-) Determine all the species formed in the system using the chemicals and concentrations given in the first question. Calculate the concentration of each species. For the first one I made that, Is it correct ? a-) proton condition = electroneutrality = [K+] + [Na+] + [H+] = [H2PO4-] + 2*[HPO42-] + 3*[PO43-] + [OH-] + [Cl-] If it is, could you please give me some idea about 2. thank you.
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