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  1. Zodiac

    Ban time

    Ban time for me again ! You are still a bunch of arrogant mediocre minded fools who know jack shit about physics . Your Nasa boy included , Cia lmao fools .
  2. How about you learn how to create math as inputting values to existing formulas isn't math! If (a) = -0.5 and (b) = 0.5 then a+b=0 and a^3+b^3 still equals 0 . And if you mean the suns density question , the answer is var (p) where p is density . cm^3 on the Sun are dynamic in energy levels dependent to the kE going on ! Friction between particles creating heat energy etc. Tensor x = <E Tensor y = <E Tensor z = <E Not difficult too understand ! We could use +x or -x if you'd like . +v(x)=tensor <E etc... P.s Just to add something ''juicy'' . A cold core reactor will retain plasma flow around the core . The cold core will act as a ''tractor beam'' .
  3. The net effect is momentum and additionally the visual universe expansion of the singularity we are within . Space isn't empty within a singularity , it is empty outside a singularity ! Enthalpy is thermodynamics , pressure etc . An enthalpic system has retaining properties etc . Field properties of the singularity are simple a^3+b^3=1/t and bodies within the field are also a^3+b^3=1/t i.e volumes The natural physics of the universe is only functional if a^3+b^3 = a^3+b^3 What this means is that bodies have to be equal and likewise in neutron polarity to the singularity spatial field . If this were not so then the permeability of the field would oppose motion . Thanks for taking the time to reply and read . I just love physics ! 🤩
  4. Do you always say things you can't personally understand is meaningless drivel ? Consider a HIgg's field , a^3+b^3=V/R^n The field has the mechanics for free electrons to retain form but they will degrade over time to energy loss . The visual universe is a singularity of a^3+b^3=1/t that exists within R^n/t Within, the physics are slightly different to the out !
  5. More or less yes ! A system can only develop if an electron and proton was to manifest simultaneously at any given point of a void . This is the only possible way some thing can form to have stability in a void . Then rather than self annihilating , a stable volume is formed and expands . a/R^n=0/t b/R^n=0/t delta 0 = a+b/t = 1/t 1/t = a^3+b^3+kE/t kE=(a^3+b^3)(hf)/t E=(a^3+b^3)+kE/(R^n/t) That is the physics ! I've added math and for support I add the Cavendish torsion ball experiment F(G)=<E , different mass balls . I also added earlier fire always points up towards less energy space , the stratosphere is cold hence the force is shown F=<E . Additionally the earth magnetic field is curved towards the poles , F=<E . the curve is what makes the density . To add : We can use internal energy of a system u and u/R^n=V/t Electrons are stable within an enphalpic system that is a^3+b^3=V , a singularity .
  6. Within an already created , established system , maybe so . However in a void it is an impossibility and on the lines of Dirac thinking , a single electron or proton in a void would self annihilate by the extreme stress caused by the absolute force of gravitational transition F(G)=<E It would be a natural requirement for the energy to be divided by the void . All R^n spatial points naturally requiring to reach an equilibrium of energy level . To retain magnitude both the electron and proton must be present a^3+b^3=V to retain form and stability .
  7. Are you really suggesting the present atomic model isn't electrons , protons and neutrons ? Gravity isn't push and pull , I'll retract that statement as a messup error , worded badly ! A single electron cannot exist in a void , it is impossible physics , there is no mechanical bond of the electron to retain stability !
  8. Actually the electron strong force (force 1) converges with the proton strong force (force 2) to produce a weaker emitted force (force 3) ! F1+F2=F3 In science force is push and pull , gravity is both push and pull ! The field space interior of an atom also playing a role . Returning to the earlier post , I mentioned E/R^n and particles self annihilation , the reason a virtual particle self annihilates is because it is has no bond to retain form without a counterpart . A single electron in a void cannot exist , it would be torn apart by the mechanical stress of F(G)=<E
  9. The beauty of physical process is that physical process is not subjective or fantasy . The physical process does not care what I or you think as the physical process works ! I don't know enough physics ? I have just explained a single spark in a void being attracted to the entirety of the void . This of course in regards to Dirac's work , particles popping into and out of existence . Advancing on that and correcting it . Virtual particles manifesting at any given point of R^n , that self annihilation as a consequence of F(G)=<E . Please do not make false claims that I do not know enough physics ! Recap : Newtons absolute space (Advanced and modernized:R^n an unspecified volume of real coordinate spatial points , an immovable reference frame ) Dirac particles popping into and out of existence (Advanced and modernized: E/R^n=0 density, causality F(G)=<E I told you , that physics agrees with me ! I am not making things up , I have advanced every scientists work who is involved ! I will return later to discuss the strong force required to stop virtual particles self annihilation ! (Atomic model)
  10. The reason I am presently unable to present models is that I am working off a broken chrome book with limited uses . Based on evidence I have everything including the Universe expansion confirming my analysis and theory to be more fact than anything presently available . Do you really want me to produce dangerous math live for anyone to see ? Do you really want me to show you the physical math process of how to destroy an entire planet ? Not only show you but include the design to the doomsday device ? I know how to arc space-time energy my dear , I can sink an entire Navy my dear ! However I am a man of peace so i'd rather leave the boys with toys playing alone . Back to physics , a single spark in a void is attracted to the entirety of the void . The point energy source will be divided by the void , decreasing in magnitude and density to 0 . This is a fact and the momentum of dispersal is c , c being a consequence of F(G)=<E !
  11. I have models , I have math and I have present physics knowledge to back me up ! I have everything which of course begins with R^n=0 . An unspecified volume of real coordinate spatial points . Now of course we could go into a^3+b^3=V and so on but simply E/R^n = F(G)<E explains most of the physics involved . P.s Yes I have useful calculations that work but they are dangerous calculations (Nukes are matches compared) .
  12. Actually I have T.O.E including the relevant physical math ! As a consequence of discovering T.O.E , I have advanced physics . Additionally present physics , confirms my physics .
  13. Yes I can demonstrate all my work is consistent in observation ! I have sketched a basic model for you to ponder over . hf/x=F(G)<E
  14. I have a visual model , can create the math concept and additionally have the engineering for a working device ! Stars don't occupy the same volume of space constantly . The space within a star is constantly changing .
  15. It is equally and proportional attracted to behind it so the body in motion will continue its motion unless acted upon . There is no gravitational drag and slowing down of the body in motion because of the equality of attraction . The Sun occupies an equal and proportional underlying volume of empty space . When the Sun eventually dies , decays to nothing , the volume of empty space will still be there . (E/R^n)/t Energy divided by real coordinate space over time is how I describe gravitational transition !
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