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  1. This is fun. please don't ban me. Just got my cheapo USB microscope to document my EIS / Colloidal silver exp's. Want to see the "vaporization" in the liquid reagent. I put 50 volts at 5 amps and it gets cloudy quick. I would like to make a documentation thread if i'm not attacked lol.
  2. Good points, cause Google could shuffle results around? Yeah, I concur Top Level Domain(TLD) Linking is best . Yet, they could shuffle those around but that's beyond the scope of this thread At this time I think?
  3. My bad. I meant I imputed the keys, "natural substance" and "organic compound" in Googles hashtable and the top values returned were in the previous post(think that's right(?):)).
  4. That's why I put that in quotes I didn't know. From Google.
  5. Thanks for all the reads guys. If i may though. I never advocated for the internal intake of colloidal silver. My intentions in making it were as a "natural organic" antimicrobial agent for topical applications. That's secondary though. I have a thing for the old American made stuff(or Japan/German). Every things bigger inside in case you have to fix anything. Most importantly though I cant afford any new Agilent/ Keysite stuff lol. Not sure if I want to pull the trigger on one of these things( OoOo Buttons).
  6. Its a HP 1652B logic analyzer. I'm making my own 8 bit computer to learn memory addressing and what not. I should have introed with that instead of this hot button issue lol.
  7. Appreciate the replies. Yeah, I was being facetious with the corona thing. Regarding the Colloidal Silver (should i be calling it Electrically Isolated Silver, EIS ?) I just started experimentation with that. Unfortunately I can only offer anecdotal evidence from my own personal experience. I've been using a 37 ppm solution( made 30v @ .5a )as a mouth rinse and toothpaste adjunct. So far my gums seem to feel better and cavities don't really hurt as much. My goal is to get the "nano particles." I would definitely be careful with full on internal applications of CS / EIS as well. I know this is less then scientific. So i do have several house mice that have volunteered to be test subjects. Not sure about the ethical implications of that? Or how i would even document something like that? So I may just let them go in the back yard.
  8. Hey everybody, I've been setting up my various labs lately and thought I should check in here. I really have no clue what I'm doing but eventually my goal is to figure some of this stuff out. Here's a pic of my electronics lab setup so far. I'm going with a HP theme for the most part as it will go with my server room. It's currently been commandeered to fight the corona with colloidal silver production. I would like to upgrade the lab with a HP-IB card in my vintage HP vectra P-233 but I'm still researching that. Anyway nice place here, looking forward to contributing. Stay safe and healthy.
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