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  1. Just plugged into the sea 2 metal piles, it can be estimate how about I(A) and U(V) with U x I = P(W), and it being active electric but it not instant active direction, because evaporating seawater is containing H(2)O, there are 2 directed be contrast electricity activing on the sea, so it being against each other same to 2 battery contrast + with + and - with - give 0 Volt and 0 ampe inside the wire. And remaining work is locked the one of direction for one way exhausting, to do this, use the 16bit analysis with two calculation being contrast: multiply up and divide down
  2. seawater can conduct electricity very well, every day hundreds of millions of liters of seawater are evaporated by the sunshine, but if I imagine that from 1 ton of seawater evaporates water steam, it is somehow able to capture less electricity than 1 ton of hydrogen gas is reduced in an electrolytic battery and soars. Such as ratio 1/1000, 1000 ton steam water to be evaporated can give 1(Watt), and 1 ton of Hydrogen is 1000W... But the ocean is very large!! Maybe we can get billion of power to use!! Right?
  3. Yes, i used google translate! but in case of new theory about nuclear replace electron theory, you can also calculated the power from low to high to be clearly, my guess can wrong, is my idea make you interest?
  4. If follow you, so proton or quarks is only keep or release electron from atom other, but the "strong interaction" researching on the world can not look at electron, and many magnetic field, electric field, "strong interaction" field is not involve the electrons, just only guess what's contact from proton give reason electron to be moved, If looking at electron theory, you can not deploy more can be change life on the world!!
  5. Yes, hydro is only hydro, but the link of proton and neutron together in Zinc or Uranium 235 is not stronger than link of quarks You say Hydro is only hydro? But I know Uranium the first taking from exploit from mines, and Uranium first is Uranium salt(K(2)UO(2)(SO4)(2)) and when carrying to dump truck, it must have burning and many stages to get the pure metal Uranium, but burning and many stages have Hydrogen from "carbon hydrate" fuel, so I can call "Uranium" is "Hydrogen" with "nickname" is "Hydrogen 235"! Hydrogen taking 75% of materials from universe!
  6. I think about reduction of Hydrogen is not simple at the lowest power, different from sodium(Na) reduct potassium chloride(KCl) at high temperature, because Hydrogen only have one proton, proton have 3 quarks hardest connect together, there is no evidence that quark bonds can be destroyed! If reducting from a lot of protons example is Zinc(Zn) on alkaline battery to one proton is Hydrogen, so if Hydrogen "don't want" to be break link of 3 quarks, it must release the big energy to protect the link of 3 quarks, but if have a lot of Hydrogen is being reduct together, big power energy be sure against each other and result give low power! Is this ideal??
  7. OK, now I have two physic quantity are mass and quantity of react is being proportional to each other, called "ratio together": Hydrogen mass: (1,00794 x 10^-26kg) x 6,023 x 10^23... Oh no! I can not guess this, can you help me? But I think like you, mass changing in chemical react is none, right, mass of Hydrogen doesn't be changed, but quantity? If changed to a smaller, so the power is decrease down, but, but.. If the quantity is "1" value!! Then it magic change into the "divide": 1 / 10^-26 = 10^26 ??
  8. we know about the E=mc^2 of Einstein recipe, it's not distinguish radioactive or non-radioactive substance, even though 1kg water H(2)O such as power to Uranium 235 constant! But in one react of battery reducting Hydrogen, people consider it very low power, and because of MOL (mole 6,023 x 10^23 in 12gr Carbon) material, so it can add or multiply from lowest level power to a bigger. But if you think opposite, one react reducting an Hydrogen is the biggest, and the reason level of power is medium, this beacuse of quantity of react is being against each other, beacuse i think if two battery is being contrast + with + and - with - is no or very low power output. Also the Uranium 235 is being fission reaction, it decrease the quantity of reaction and the power from very low quantity is bigger out then!! Right?
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