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  1. "3. The pilot said that he didn't see the object from the window, but Only on the camera screen. If it's a real flying object in front of the aircraft then why didn't he see it also from his window?" Apologies if this is repost, Pilot visually reports no planes (presumably has good eyesight as naval aviator), no rotor wash or rotor visible, exhibiting odd inertia etc. Pilot does indicate he and a separate aviator (same aircraft, backseat?) both had visual line of sight - then later comments four total people on scene visual line of sight - not instrumentation - to object (approx 25 sec in), here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/12/20/david-fravor-intv-us-navy-pilot-ufo-encounter-sot-ebof.cnn
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