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  1. Behavior of light must reverse order In the spectrum of pure light harbors 6 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and magenta. The additive digital colors red, green, blue when combined and neutralized creates the subtractive analog colors yellow, cyan and magenta. And vice versa yellow, cyan, magenta combines and neutralizes to become red, green and blue again. Neutralization refers to equal to zero. The conversions of the reverse order of the additive and subtractive colors equal to zero in both directions. This clearly adheres to my reverse order mathematics where every physics equations must eventually reverse order to equal to zero in both directions. The behavior of light and time must eventually experience the opposite effect. This matches the yin yang concept of conversion due to reverse order. In reference to the behavior of the colors of light you can observe the neutralization of the digital colors red, green and blue on the computer monitor as well as the neutralization of the analog colors yellow, cyan and magenta on the computer printer. All concepts of physics must eventually reverse order as the opposite effect to equal to zero in both directions. Time and the time loop are of no exception. This will fulfill the idea of for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. To prove my mathematics accurate we can observe the equation: Red + Green = Yellow, which means combining red and green creates yellow. Manipulate the equation and carry the positive Green across the other side of the equal sign and you get: Red = Yellow – Green. This is interpreted as removing negative green from yellow creates red. The math is flawless.
  2. Yin yang reverse order concept The concept behind the envisioned yin yang concept conversion of opposite dualities should be well known. But I will tackle the not so obvious and difficult to fathom. Male yang converts to female yin. This has already been done by cloning with male dna converting the chromosome to create a female version with the same genes. Old yang converts to young yin. It is obvious how young yin converts to old yang. The reverse conversion is also made possible in the Quantum fourth dimension where the old becomes young again thus adhering to the yin yang conversion process. Here is a hard one to tackle, how does yang infinite convert to yin finite? The answer can lie in the military technology to alter the future time. The future is laid out infinitely in time frames from the observation of real time. This future can be observed to be infinite into the future. But the military has altered the present real time thus changing the course of events infinitely into the future. The same future no longer extends infinitely; it has been cut off finite with a new future. This has already happened. The final yin yang reverse order lies in the prophecy of the first yang will be yin last and the last will be first. Like all reverse order this will eventually happen due to my reverse order math and physics I presented in the past. If there exist an infinite heaven realm there will exist a hell realm. Since the Big Bang there was a finite beginning time frame yin and will extend with no end yang. Then the never ending future frames will create a new beginning once the reverse order takes effect. Every time real time changes, that is the beginning of a new time frame which extends infinitely. One example of an altered real time is the reverse order of the time loop that will alter the course of the future frames forever.
  3. this is albert einsteins original thought experiment and the frames are in reference to a moving observer verses a still observer. it is both true for both frames of reference. it is dependent on both frames of reference with opposite outcomes. the timing of the simultaneous striking of lightning is absolute. both frames of reference is correct.
  4. Time is both absolute and relative To prove my concept that time is both relative and absolute, I will use a classic Albert Einstein envisioned thought experiment. When an observer is situated in the middle of a moving boxcar and lightning hits both the front end and rear at the same time. He will observe the timing of the lightning hit the front before the rear. To a still observer outside of the boxcar, he will observe it hitting both ends simultaneously. This is how I explain it. The observer in the boxcar is in motion therefore his observation of the timing of the lightning strikes is relative. But the observer outside of the boxcar is still so his observation of the timing of the lightning strikes is absolute, it happens at the same time. I deduce time is relative when an observer is in motion and time is absolute when an observer is still. That coincides with the perceived yin yang concept of the existence of opposite dualities. Time is both yang absolute and yin relative. The envisioned yin yang concept explains the idea of conversion or reverse order. My reverse order math clearly confirms that all physics concepts must reverse order sooner or later.
  5. Wormhole predictions will change with change in realtime by time loop All future events in this universe are presented on universal frames. It is a fact that the future cannot be altered in the past or future via wormhole. It can only be altered in the present real time. Predictions of the future via wormhole a trillion years into the future does not guarantee it will stay that way. For example the United States military had time travel to predict the future of World War 2 in 1941 in real time. That prediction in 1941 could not predict victory for the U.S. but instead predicted a loss to the enemy. They had to change the time in real time and it was the change in real time 1945 that predicted a victory for the allies. It was only due to reaching a later real time 1945 that the U.S. could alter the future and guarantee victory. Likewise what the military is able to observe via wormhole currently into the future cannot not guarantee it will stay that way if real time sometime in the distant future is altered causing the universal frames to change the course of events forever. From my past explanation of my reverse order mathematics, the time loop will carry a negative value and reverse order, causing future events in the universal frames to change from that point on. When the physics of reverse order confirmed by my math happens, it must happen in real time to take effect. The real time that takes effect will happen in the future. Until we reach that particular real time into the future, the future universal frames will remain the same as observed by the wormholes at present. The reverse order of the time loop will have devastating consequences as an opposite effect hence the basic law of physics states, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. It is the law of balance which I make reference to an eternal heaven and hell experience. The sudden change by the reverse order of the time loop in the future real time will be unpredictable. It can happen 100,000 years from now or it can happen tomorrow. By the concept of physics there is a higher dimensional being controlling above the universal frames to enforce this reverse order reaction.
  6. Universal time frames have cyclical effect Light like all electromagnetic waves can be defined mathematically as sine, cosine on a graph. These trigonometric functions serve as circular functions in relation to the degrees of angles. The wave of a sine function for instance may move forward in one direction on a graph but actually it is the definition of motion in a circle where points return to the point of origin. This is a holographic universe that involves holographic light projected through time frames of events. Since light waves have a cyclical effect so will the effects of the universal holographic time frames. The universal time frames will reverse order back to the point of origin as an opposite and equal reaction enforced by a scientifically proven God. This circular effect is evident in the perceived yin yang circle concept where there is a conversion of opposite qualities as a reverse order.
  7. in comparing the universal digital time frames to the digital frames of a home video, there is only one set of frames. we cannot consider the example of cameras attached to individual players as an example. remember the timer on the television screen is synchronized with the video, all observers watching the video will agree every event on the video is in sync with the video timer. if someone sees the time on the screen slower than others, the events on the video is slower also. in that sense there is a universal time for the events on the video.
  8. remember the timer on the television screen is synchronized with the video, all observers watching the video will agree every event on the video is in sync with the video timer. if someone sees the time on the screen slower than others, the events on the video is slower also. in that sense there is a universal time for the events on the video.
  9. back to my original thought experiment: imagine a digital timer presented on the same screen as the home video is being showed on the television. It does not matter how many other people observe the home video on screen they will all observe the same time based on the digital timer presented on the home video. All observers watching the video will see the timer pass time the same way. That is what I refer to as the universal time from the perspective of outside observers observing events on time frames such as a home video. This universal time is the same for all viewers watching the video which defines it as absolute.
  10. there are 2 observers, one in the train cart and the other outside the train cart. read up on this classic einstein thought experiment. I meant the lightning actually hitting the front and back simultaneously. the observer in the train cart will observe the front being struck first. to another observer outside the cart, he will observe it hitting simultaneously. according to einstein, both frames of reference are correct!!
  11. The late albert einstein said in many of his thought experiments. It is true in both frames of reference. For example if a person in the middle of a moving train cart experience lightning hit the front and back simulataneously, he would see the front being struck first. to an observer outside the train cart, the lightning hits the front and back at the same time. which is true, according to albert einstein? it is true for both frames of reference. So from my example, in my frame of reference I am still correct.
  12. Is time absolute or relative According to general relativity, time is relative meaning people moving at different rates at different positions will experience different times which can be denoted by their time piece (watch). Here is my thought experiment: Imagine people playing soccer on a field, due to each players rate of motion and position, each will experience different times. Now I decide to videotape the game on my camcorder and later watch it on my television. On the home video each player’s time may still be relative to each other but to me as the observer they are all experiencing the same time according to my clock on the wall. This is the universal time or absolute time. We all exist in the universal time frames similar to the time frames on my home video. Everybody in this universe experience relative time on the universal time frames but to the observer outside the time frames (GOD), there is a universal time also known as absolute time. Time is absolute; time is relative which matches the yin yang concept of the existing duality.
  13. read the document attached
  14. All forces must reverse order to equal to zero N= force opposite to force of gravity MG= force (mass times gravity) , MA= force (mass times acceleration) Refer to my illustrations to follow along. The effect of force is as follows: Imagine an object of mass falling through an abyss in the earth due to gravity from the north pole to the south pole. The equation is as follows: 1) MG – N = MA Once the object reaches the south pole end it reverses order with the force of gravity as negative MG referring to motion in the opposite direction. The equation in this direction is as follows: 2) –MG + N =MA Combine the 2 forces (MA) equations for equilibrium and you get: 3) MG – N = -MG + N The next 2 versions of the equation are identical to the original: 4) MG – N = -MG + N + (zero) --> 2MG – 2N= (zero) 5) MG – N +(zero)= -MG + N --> -2MG + 2N=(zero) Notice that in equation 4, MG is positive and N is negative. In the identical equation 5, now MG is negative and N is positive. These opposite signs represent the opposite direction or reverse order. That is the exact effects of the force of gravity on a moving object. The force must reverse order. The universal time frames motioning in one direction due to a force must reverse order and end the progression of the events in the so called universal book world. These events in the preserved past time frames are permanent record for the scientifically proven entity in a higher plane. This is where due to the magic of digital holography is when the opposite reactions take place as prescribed by this entity in a higher plane. Make note in math and physics, everything must equal to zero and that is why the reverse order of the universal book world time frames will override the infamous time loop. At the end, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
  15. Nothing is infinite part2 To prove nothing can reach infinity I will present you the physics of engineering. Please refer to the illustrations of the diagram attached to my theory before reading on. 1 pound can lift a trillion tons. This is possible with the physics of the engineering of the lever where a bar is placed on a fulcrum and the fulcrum is situated underneath the right location under the bar. In other words, if you place a trillion ton weight on one end of the bar. The fulcrum can be placed under anywhere under the bar near the trillion ton weight. To execute the one pound weight on the other end of the bar to lift the trillion tons you must extend the length of the bar much farther from the fulcrum. In other words the longer the length away from the fulcrum towards the 1 pound weight end, the more leverage the 1 pound weight can lift any heavier weight. So is it possible for 1 pound to lift infinite weight? My answer is no. To lift infinite weight you must extend the length of the bar infinitely. That means the lever can never be completed so how can you even manage to lift infinite. In the process of creating the lever, the moment you stop to apply it, it would end up lifting a finite amount of weight. Does that make sense? According to the physics of engineering, you can’t reach infinity. Another engineering apparatus is the hydraulic press. Refer to the diagram. 1 pound of force can lift a trillion or more tons of force on the other end. To do achieve this you just create more area on the end of the weight you are trying to lift. Again I will say to try to lift infinite weight requires to make the press to have infinite area which of course will never be completed. So the moment that you decide to use the press, it will only lift a finite amount of force. And my last example is in reference to a computer. To mathematically make an infinite calculation, you would need a hard drive with infinite memory. You can attempt to manufacture infinite amount of hard drive memory but that just means you would not be able to use it because you will never complete building the infinite hard drive. The moment you decide to stop and use the hard drive, it will have finite memory. There is no way to achieve infinity in the physics of engineering. The universe is situated in time frames for this is a digital holographic universe. Like the physics of engineering the moment a medium is used that translates that the medium is finite. It is obvious the universal time frames is in use so the time frames of events can not extend infinitely. Eventually as I have presented in other areas of the forum there is reverse order as an opposite and equal reaction. This is a digital world and like the physics of engineering, nothing can achieve infinity unless it cycles as a conversion process back to the point of origin. An end to the extension of real-time time frames followed by reversal will defeat the time loop.
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