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  1. All energy reaches equilibrium All energy including heat reverses order to equal to zero (equilibrium). In engineering the process of air conditioning for creating cold air is to expel hot air. Eventually the hot air in the environment merges with the cold air to reach equilibrium. The law of conservation states that hot air motions towards the cold to reach equilibrium. Therefore the hot air with positive temperature reduces in the negative direction and the cold air with negative temperature increases towards the positive temperature to equal zero (equilibrium). That is why in my r
  2. It is a no contest to the acceptance that Albert Einstein is the best thinker in physics. Scientists saved his brain for research and found that his cerebral was hard wired abnormally like no other people. That accounts for his weird thinking in the field of physics. He is definitely the best synonymous with genius. He perceived the weird fourth dimension and and the formula to make the atomic bomb that saved the United States from losing the war in World War 2. The U.S. should be thankful on this Thanksgiving day that he did not end up in the Jewish Holocaust. I just encourage the U.S. t
  3. the negative intensity of illumination you are referring to is the negative direction of illumination thus negative direction versus positive direction (opposite directions). sound can move in both negative direction and positive direction.
  4. there is no dark energy being created to accelerate the expansion of the universe. energy cannot be created. they have no evidence of such energy. the universe is expanding at constant velocity. perhaps albert einstein perceived the cosmological constant correctly and predicts the universe will eventually collapse upon itself contracting spacetime. I do not know the implications of this effect. thus adhering to my reverse order mathematics for all physics equations.
  5. As of January 2018, measurements from multiple telescopes showed that the rate of expansion of the universe is different depending on where you look. The nearby universe (measured by the Hubble Space Telescope and Gaia space telescope) has a rate of expansion of 45.6 miles per second (73.5 kilometers per second) per megaparsec, while the more distant background universe (measured by the Planck telescope) is a bit slower, expanding at 41.6 miles per second (67 km per second) per megaparsec. A megaparsec is a million parsecs, or about 3.3 million light-years, so this is almost unimaginably fast.
  6. In engineering the only way to make an air conditioner produce cold air is to exhaust hot air outside the window. obviously, hot air is a positive temperature while cold air is a negative temperature. in that respect the temperature goes both directions.
  7. all functions of physics on a graph extends in both directions however they cannot go in both directions at the same time. Usually the variables of the physics equation equate to the positive direction of the line or curve and terminate due to the finite value of the variables. upon termination, it will extend in the negative direction of the function from the point of origin. the key principle of classical mechanics is opposite direction equal magnitude for all equations. so a positive value plus the same value negative value equals zero. it is assymetric in the math and physics and you c
  8. all functions on a graph extends in both directions, in the positive direction and negative direction. the variables of the equation extends in the positive direction first followed by the negative direction to equal to zero. for example the sine graph goes in the positive direction and negative direction. In the positive direction the path of this circular function goes clockwise, in the negative direction it goes counterclockwise. sine 90 degrees is 1. sine negative 90 degrees is -1. time is a coordinate in relativity which must be treated as positive direction terminated followed by n
  9. gamma rays can convert to radio waves through redshifting. eventually even radio waves is diluted, absorbed, weakened or become undetectable with distance.
  10. why is andromeda galaxy pulled towards us by gravitational pull at an accelerated pace? while other galaxies are moving away from us at an accelerated pace probably due to its accelerated gravitational pull by other distant galaxies. Dark energy building up to accelerate the expansion of the universe does not cut it. energy cannot be created or destroyed. it will be diluted in time.
  11. Hubble explained he discovered other galaxies accelerating away from our milky way galaxy but could it be that those galaxies are being pulled away by the gravitational pull of other galaxies? It is a fact that the Andromeda galaxy is pulled toward our galaxy by gravity and gravity accelerates the direction of the pull. Perhaps it is not that space is spreading the galaxies away at an accelerated pace but rather other galaxies are pulled by an accelerated gravitational force towards each other away from us much like andromeda galaxy is being pulled towards our milky way galaxy. just a thoug
  12. cosmic microwave background will redshift until undetectable according to my research online.
  13. we know that as light extends further it red shifts with longer wavelength which is a lower frequency hence less energy. it does not need to be absorbed and the universe that is static will experience some stars MORE DIM than others due to greater distance away from our skies. of the trillion of stars in the universe only a fraction is visible to our skies because it is too far away. the energy is not destroyed the light just cannot extend and reach us at that great a distance any longer.
  14. the light from most galaxies does not reach us because it is too far. What I mean by terminate is that it does not extend any further. Energy cannot be destroyed, it is conserved.
  15. Another reason time will terminate All electromagnetic energy terminates with distance. Electricity going through a cable diminishes and terminates with distance. Radio waves terminate at a certain distance. A sound wave through Doppler Effect stretches with distance from the source and eventually loses noise. Light from blue shift to red shift loses energy in an elongated wave length and eventually terminate in travel. That is why the more distant stars are dimmer in light than the closer stars. The light from the more distant stars lose intensity with a greater distance to span.
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