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  1. Hello everybody. Is there anyone who can help me with a couple of questions about pressure, heat and the conservation of energy that have been niggling me for years? It all stems from when I first read Aesop's Fable about a man who confounds a Satyr by blowing on his hands to warm them up, and then paradoxically blows on his soup to cool it down. Both of the air flows begin their journey in the lungs with the same temperature and they travel the same route and distance, so the only variable appears to be the shape and size of the aperture; ie his lips. Reducing the size of the aperture increases the pressure and my understanding is that an increased pressure on a gas increases the kinetic energy of its molecules which increases its temperature. So why is the air blown through pursed lips significantly cooler than that blown through an open mouth? It is also significantly cooler than its originating body temperature, so where does the heat go to? In a similar vein (but I don't know if it's actually related or not) a fan creates a stream of air molecules that are moving faster than the surrounding air yet they are significantly cooler. I thought that faster moving molecules are warmer than slower ones so why does increasing the speed decrease the temperature, and again, where does the heat go to? I hope this all makes sense, and please be gentle - I am not a scientist. Thank you
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