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  1. Hmmmm ... After pursuing the science of discovery I have made these sterile observations. Clean your humour up and look at this as if you had recorded these yourself or my own brilliant science will take me elsewhere!
  2. Beyond the shadow of a doubt .. after physically checking the space where THAt?? WAS .. there is, and never was ANYthing else there .. save for the time when the sun was shinning through the diamond. It has the same bottom heavy tight-rope ellipsoid shadow as the rock. The rock is defiantly diamond inside. Nope. It came from space, and I watched it fall on front of me onto the ground.
  3. Can anyone explain to me the PHYSICS of the particle to the right of the diamond on the wooden window sill sitting beside my business card in the sun? Because I can only yet .. copy it; I do not understand the parts .. what seems like a black dog collar and a while beam of energy emerging flat from the window sill into a 3D arrangement sorta resembling a bicycle pedal dynamo .. next to which is a Silver spherical electrical*purple*-lightning(wtf?!?!) emitting particle. tHEN :?!?! ? =+===> There is a wave of Light? Light light Ltihgghtil ? like a sinE wave (not frrowney face, nor a tan waves leveling off) .. but a perfectly spaced ... *3 SinE wave of light, which ... Skips accross the spherical face of each equally arranged shape and disapates into a faint grey/pink doughnut ripple at the rightmost corner .. appearing like a sideways lightning bolt. Hah ... Pot luck:1 Total current entropy of the human knowledge of systems including particle physics: 0 So ... anyone describe what we are seeing better than that? *3 Spaced: S ppAAAaaaaaaaceedDEDedDedDEeddddEDDdddddDDDede sspaace
  4. Hey calm down, I touched it with a magnet as well, I'm understand short-sighted mistakes .. THAT was stupid .. but it did stick to the magnet. ONCE 😐 And the likelyhood is it will never do THAT again .. here, this is all the photos I have of it , taken over two days .. pity everything is closed, I will take it to a local lab as soon as I can. have a look for now though .. :https://www.dropbox.com/sh/axvaxynfn4lhl00/AADidWtJOvkm9_oWidhDx07sa?dl=0 It could perhaps be this:https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=108270 ??
  5. Can you aalso move this thread to Astronomy and Cosmology on second thought? please? Photo 3 aand 4 .. ? ?? Kinda look like this great BIG diamond ring in space ... ?
  6. Actually .. It FLOATED, like pumice rock from a volcano, it was very light and sorta floated on the breeze, at a horizontal angle fluttered over my head and landed, tumbled like a die, and came to rest on the pavement on front of me.. a couple of weeks back O.o I thought that is really interesting .. I was drinking from a bottle of water at the time and I swapped the see through outer plastic lid on the plastic bottle nozzle for the rock in case I upset any natural laws of harmony in the universe by taking something so curious .. picked up the "Tiny meteorite" ? ? and went on .. Photograph 8 and 9 are MOST interesting ...
  7. Ok so, it fell from the sky and landed on front of me on the street a couple of weeks back .. I took it home and experimented on it following the hypothesis that what I had found was from space. I began with some physical tests .. I scratched the rock against varying density of metal, from aluminium on a can, to a lamppost ... the rock was able to scratch a deep line in the lamppost and cut through the aluminium with no visible damage to the rock (after 20mins of scratching a lampost) I then photographed the rock .. Photo 1 .. the rock is about 5mm x 5mm x 5mm. I theorised that the finding was either metal or diamond. I hit it with a hammer, and it broke into two pieces, plus a little fine white dust. The second picture is the larger of the pieces of rock to brake off after hitting it. The top of the rock in the second photo is where the hammer struck, and noted a clear chnage in density and color of the rock from the top white to the bottom see through. So I confirmed it was a geological specimen of Diamond nature. The third photo is of both pieces that broke of, the smaller at the front of the photo and the larger and the back left. A lensing abnormality formed ON the smaller piece and lasted for up to 15 seconds (8 photographs) and Is seen in both photo 3 and highlighted in photo 4. The 5th photo is a close up of the LARGER piece of broken space diamond, between the poles of an upside-down light bulb. I wanted to test the diamond for electromagnetic residue .. In the 5th, 6th, and 7th photos any evidence of electromagnetic signs is highlighted. There is a sustained electromagnetic discharge from the bottom right hand side of the space diamond from the grey metal outer skin to the right pole of the light bulb. It can be observed more clearly in the negative of the photo, though can been seen as sorta a whirlpool or tornado spiraling from one corner of the diamond to the light bulb in the original lighted photos.. I have included further angles to see this later on. Photo 8 .. I dunno here, this is a breakthrough in modern Physics .. I had decided to photograph the diamond exposed to light, and note any particularities .. What I found is still SHOCKING .. To the right on photo 8 and the subject of photo 9 .. is what appears to be a projection .. of some sort of particle?!?! that may have been STORED? in the Space Diamond ... ??? Note: the particle to the right has the same SHAPE of shadow as the diamond on the left!!!? !? Photo 10 aand 11 are of the surface of the space thing. photo 10, is the flat face of the rock .. seems grey, melted, metallic, lunar. while photo 11 .. appears to be two vertical Black crystals growing opposite to one another on a hemispherical ridge. these crystals can also be seen in photo 1, if you look closely at the bottom right of the diamond. What the F*&%k have I found?
  8. I have recently found a Space Diamond: Included are the evidence gathered from photographic inspection, These are crazy abnormal ℜ∅Ι∉†?⊕Å So, have -a look at these and compare them to what is already known, and please try to explain the forces at work shown in each. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? At least I'm not Venom ,... yet? -Alexander Longe
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