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  1. yowahoshi

    Phage DNA

    thanks, this information proves to be very helpful for me.
  2. yowahoshi

    Phage DNA

    Hi, i was reading T.A Brown for recombinant DNA tech. so it is in chapter 2nd i.e VECTORS FOR GENE CLONING under the subheading of THE PHAGE INFECTION CYCLE . i am sharing the paragraph and - With some phage types the entire infection cycle is completed very quickly, possibly in less than 20 minutes. This type of rapid infection is called a lytic cycle, as release of the new phage particles is associated with lysis of the bacterial cell. The characteristic feature of a lytic infection cycle is that phage DNA replication is immediately followed by synthesis of capsid proteins, and the phage DNA molecule is never maintained in a stable condition in the host cell.
  3. yowahoshi

    Phage DNA

    why phage DNA molecue is not maintained stable condition in host cell?
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