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  1. Hello! I have a microscope with a magnification of 180. When I reduce the distance between the lens and the object of observation and increase the distance between the eyepiece and the lens, I get an optical magnification of the microscope 800. I can’t get any more, because the lens rests on the object. Please tell me why the optical magnification is increasing? I use Google translate. Sorry for the incorrect translation.
  2. Hello! I created a topic in the main section, but it was closed. I probably did not create it where I needed to. Create here. I'm interested in what is the simplest virus? So that its genome is as small as possible in size. Or, the simplest viroid? I want to try to create a virus at home. I don’t understand why you are losing my reputation. And what is evil in that I want to repeat everyday laboratory experience? They also react negatively to Russian forums. I thought at least there are people here .. Maybe it's because I don’t know English? Forgot to say, I use Google transl
  3. Hello! I am looking for a virus genome. I need a genome that contains a small sequence. Are there viruses with small genomes already studied? What is the smallest genome? I need to make a virus at home. I do not want to waste time creating a virus with 10,000 sequences of code. I want to do something simpler. Perhaps I can cut off the existing virus code and thus get a simplified one. But I don’t know where to get the virus code at all. I saw only a couple of examples on the Internet. It is not known whether they are real or invented. I ask you to help me. Please give me the genetic
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