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  1. Hiya, Is it possible to use sound waves or another means to take measurements from a plastic coated surface? For argument sake let's say we have 10 seemingly identical plastic coated sheets, by using sound waves or something else is it possible to take measurements from the surface which would allow you to differentiate between them from non visable differences brought about by variations in the coating and manufacturing process? Many thanks, this is a great site and all the helpful people on here. I am learning a lot.
  2. Thats an interesting idea. Thank you
  3. Infra seems to show up on the most basic of cameras, just a normal iPhone show it very clearly. OK thank you for the continued replies. So to summarise the options to heat up an object from about a metre away without large cumbersome ewuipment are: IR, UV, normal type laser. All of which could be invisable to the naked eye. Other than these are there any out of the box ideas? What about beta rays? Directing a stream of radiation. I welcome any out of the box idea here. Many thanks.
  4. Thank you for all the replies, it genuinely appreciated. The target is plastic, cellulose acetate plastic to be precise.
  5. Infra seems to show up on the most basic of cameras, just a normal iPhone show it very clearly.
  6. I want something invisable and undetectable ideally. Thanks for all the wonderful replies and help.
  7. Is it possible to make a small unit which fires a focused beam of RF to heat an object from about 1metre away. Doesn't need to heat it much, just a modest difference. If not, is there any other method for achieving this whilst ideally avoiding IR and microwaves. Thanking you.
  8. Is it possible to heat an object from a short distance, perhaps a 1 metre distance without using infra red or ultraviolet? Is it possible to use another part of the spectrum to transfer heat? Thanks again.
  9. Hello, I need some help from clever people. Regarding alpha, beta and gamma rays. If I was to shoot any of these at say a card of plastic is it possible to detect on the plastic that it had been shot with any of these? Using specialised camera perhaps? Would the rays leave a trace in any form? If not is it possible to shoot any type of rays or particles that would leave a trace on the surface of plastic at all, that Co ld be detected by a camera set up? Many thanks for all your wonderful help on this my friends.
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