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  1. Nonsense! I thought it was a rather interesting addition. You never know what something off-topic will inspire.
  2. Would Californians and other desert communities be willing to pay more for a gallon of water? Would flood prone communities be willing to pay for a system that takes water away?
  3. So I'm sitting here as rain is pouring down, collecting in puddles, raising the water table, and filling aquifers to the point of almost flooding and I'm just thinking about all the areas in the U.S. that are facing drought. My first thought is, do I really have this excess of water here that I think we do? Is the ground supersaturated with water or has it just not filtered through yet? My second thought is, if there really is all this excess water and flooding, why can't we send it to the drought stricken areas? We have oil and gas pipelines that crisscross our nation, why can't we do the same with water and fill up Californian reservoirs? Just some thoughts. I would love to hear expert and more well thought out opinions on the matter.
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