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  1. interesting. What do you mean by expand search? My expectation is to narrow it down at this point.
  2. Keywords are great, but they lack context. Say you want find if A is related to B. You will have a search with the keywords which will hit all documents having any reference to A and B. Next you have to pass through all links and read if there is any real relation. No context.
  3. It's a viable approach. But why do you read discussion after intro (actually most of the time just last paragraph from intro)? I thought materials and methods is the best way to understand if the paper's study is aligned with my research.
  4. Everyone knows that the number of publications is growing every year, this is especially noticeable in biology. I'm wondering how other biologists cope with this volume. Is it possible to scale up reading papers? It is clear that some papers need more thoughtfull process like review papers and breakthrough papers. I think that especially scientists from the industry should know about such tricks to scale things (reading a lot in a tight timeline). What do you use in your pratice?
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