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  1. Hello, I rely on your help. On February 27th, I prepared a Bradford reactive, left it for the night at room temperature, filtered it out on the next day and made a calibration graphic with egg albumen. An optical density of samples with different protein content constituted from 0.0237 to 0.0933. Ready Bradford reactive kept in the fridge then. On 7th March I used this reactive for determination of protein content in Chlorella cells. OD constituted values, that were within ones of the calibration graphic. Yesterday I did the same, but the values didn't differ and constituted 0.8430, something like that for all samples. I checked OD of plain Bradford reactive and it was just the same. What might be wrong with the reactive? Do I need to prepare a new one? Or recalibrate the old? And what might such problems be connected with? I've never worked with Bradford reactive and I just don't know how to act. Please, sorry for grammar mistakes, if there're they. I'm not a native English speaker. Yes, I just wrote "reactive" instead of "reagent" 😖
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