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  1. what kind of crystals can be made within 45 mins which are hard like rocks. Are there any chemicals which can be use to form hard crystals that will not melt with heat of 500 degrees celcius, after forming the crystals?
  2. Why all the shells and skeletons are made from calcium carbonate (CaCo3), why not something else? why not C2H3Cl or C2H4O or something else? What is the reason? why it wasn't something else? this is an inorganic chemistry related question. This baffles me. when we see living things all of them have caco3 in them. why? why couldn't it be something else that gives similar strength or may be more strength?
  3. I have a vacuum chamber. what kind of resins? can you give some names of the chemicals so that I can test
  4. yeah, if you want to test it, you should make the samples. It takes time. Any ideas of chemicals?
  5. Hi friends, I'm trying new ways to make bricks more strong by chemicals, I bought some calcium hydroxide and dipped it in crushed bricks and inside the bricks calcium carbonates formed after couple of weeks, I tested it with compression test and the strength had increased slightly. I have basic knowledge about chemistry, but I don't stop testing chemicals. I don't know any other chemicals that would soak into the bricks and make it stronger. I don't make bricks, so I can't add something to the bricks before it's made. So, what I will do is, crush the brick and add some chemicals and
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